Pong: 32 - Update v0.5

[I'm posting these to accommodate for Update v0.6]

UPDATE 5/1/17 -- Pong: 32 v0.5


-Paddle Customization - Choose over 20 different and unique patterns and over 16 million different color combinations! This allows your character to be fully unique!

-AI Reskin - Made a custom skin for the AI (Player can also use it!) and slapped it on, AI is no longer a boring solid white paddle!

-Sound Effects - Added sound effects. Optional, toggle on main menu.

-Max Ball Velocity Box - Edit the max ball velocity (Putting it past 100 is near guarenteed to bug the game, put this here for fun haha)

-Options Menu - Moved all options to an option menu, it just made sense to do so.

-Pause Menu - Added Pause Menu in game, makes the game smoother, in my opinion.


-Invert Powerup - Tweaked it so it inverts mouse controls when mouse controls are enabled! This makes mouse less overpowered and requires some extra attention!

-Main Menu Arrangement - To accomodate for the options menu, I moved and tweaked the position of all the buttons in the main menu!

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