Pong: 32 - Update v0.3

[I'm posting these to accommodate for Update v0.6]

UPDATE 4/17/17 -- Pong: 32 v0.3

-Darkened Powerup: When hit, ball becomes dark, when paddle hits, other team gains a point.

-Invert Powerup: When hit, turns screen upside down and reverses the player & the player's controls.

-UI Collisions Options: Due to multiple suggestions from playtesters about the UI Collisions, I've added an options that allows you to enable and disable UI Collision Boxes in game.

-Added Discord button that leads to an invite link to my official "MusicalGames" Discord Server! There I will have many updates for the game and sneak peeks and will chat with the people inside of the community, as of now I don't expect many to join, but maybe one day I'll see something happen.


-Tweaked ball position so ball doesn't go straight after the AI or the player. Much better in my opinion.

Update 0.4 won't contain as much as the past two updates, and may take longer since there are many things I would love to add in 0.5.  0.4 will be out soon but 0.5 will take longer.

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