A downloadable game for Windows

Computer Cash -- A 1 Bit Clicker about mining a cryptocurrency known as C$, you start out with a computer that can barely do anything C$ (Crypto$) mining related, but as you mine, and persist, you gain the required amount of income to upgrade until everything is upgraded.

This game was made for the #1BitClicker game jam and may recieve a patch or two if glitches are found. Play, if you find a glitch/bug, please contact me below or tweet me at my delicious twitter @SuccBoyy.

Happy mining!

Install instructions

1. Download Game

2. Use an .zip extractor (Such as 7-zip or WinRAR) to extract the .zip to a folder

3. (OPTIONAL) right click on the .exe in the extracted folder and click copy, then move onto your desktop, right click and press "Paste Shortcut".

4. Run the .exe or the shortcut if made a shortcut and set the launch options and enjoy the game!


ComputerCash.zip 19 MB